Benedikt Müssig

I am passionate about embedded software engineering: writing efficient, safe and secure software in limited environments where individual bytes count.

Currently, I study Systems Engineering and co-prepare the launch of our new start-up Laminoid Studio which can be found at

In this blog, I document my project journeys and adventures in the world of eletronics, IT, manufacturing and music.

My blog

You surely haven't just come here to just read about my biography,
so check out my latest posts below - I am sure you will find something interesting :)

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There's a lot more that doesn't always make it into a blog post. Feel free to browse my archive and perhaps you will find treasure.


Contact me

Feel free to contact me to discuss a project or any bespoke work you have that fits my interests.

I am usually happy to help and if I can help you right-away, my response time is said to be quite good :)

I still protest the German law that requires including contact information in a personal blog, while not required in social media. Regardless, you can still find my imprint here.

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